Transformability of the project

A project log for Anteneh's Ventilation against COVID-19

This project is about building a new kind of ventilation system that prevents spread of COVID-19 in indoor.

Anteneh GashawAnteneh Gashaw 10/18/2021 at 13:550 Comments

This invention has an impact beyond solving the transmission path of COVID-19 or any pandemics that will occur in the future. In full capacity of Anteneh's Ventilation against COVID-19 mechanism, recreational places like restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and other places people who smoke tobacco products will enable to enjoy without any restrictions because the suction in each table will prevent the smoke coming from the tobacco products from going to the next table preventing second hand smoke which will harm health. In another case at it's maximum capacity people in recreational places will not have to feel ashamed when they fart because the smell will be sucked at each table preventing the gas from going to the next table. This will transform the ventilation system in to another level.