TM-1638 as 8-bit memory device in VHDL

Use 16 bytes of RAM in your project to map TM1638 LEDs and keyboard - supports binary, decimal, hex and ASCII modes.

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More details to come but for now refer to code.

You should be able to drop this into your project as a memory device - what you write appears on the 7-seg LEDs, and the buttons pressed appear in other location that can be read. Mapping of addresses for now requires compile, but may be made even more flexible in future. In other words, no protocol coding is required!

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Ken Yap wrote 10/08/2021 at 21:01 point

Hmm, you could probably parameterise your code to handle other TM chips in particular the 1637 which is widespread, since TM's products use the same wire protocol throughout. Also consider mapping the brightness control.

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zpekic wrote 10/08/2021 at 21:10 point

Hi! Thanks for the good pointer! The brightness control is already being fed as 4-bit input (0000 == off, 1111 = brightest), but for the 1637 I will take a look. 

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