• automatic axial advance

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  • extra axis for lathe

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  • speaker spider mold

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    starched with cornstarch and heated 30 minutes in furnace. 

    Now I'm harden it with hairdressing lacquer and pressed on mold again. Lacquer dry quickly.

    Next I heat the fabric with heat gun until it smells burnt :)

    and then brush a little

  • trifasic motor frame

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  • reductor

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    To reduce 1:80 (2.5mm/step)

    If I need to change direction maybe I can place an output module with some gears or levers to amplify the movement of last gear (no need as much as 80:1 again) and detect that final tiny backlash.

    Or ensure the contacts with springs??


    Iodine + Alcohol + graphite to get aglutinant for graphite dust

    Let this dry

    This aglutinant is serving to me to make some welds where tin can't. It stays very hard and shiny after rubbing with tissue.

    And the most important... Stop staining! :D

    nice lubrication.

    I think now I could even galvanize :D

  • PCB needle case for 3d printer (ANET A8)

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    bar case