Alternative to the pricey official DJI FPV battery. 3D printing, Electronic modification, Compatible 6S LIPO fitting, CAN bus communication.

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This project is the first step toward a DIY repair/modification on the DJI FPV drone.

I will start with :

1 - Battery
2 - Airframe (a dedicated page will be created soon)

Few days ago I found this compatible battery, I decided to make my own version of it, SHARE IT, make it available for 3D printing, and who knows... maybe improve it a bit ! (make it compatible with different type of battery.

Welcome to share ideas and advice.

Thank you

David Cook on Grabcad share with the community a wonderful scan of the DJI FPV: (thank you !)

if you wish to download the source file and say thanks:

From this .STL file,  I used solidworks do generate a printable and usable battery case. (on going)


Please go check out the project of Duane Degn regarding DJI FPV Investigations


This is a product found on internet. I decided to do a DIY version and share the printable files.

What did they do :

- printed a battery casing

- extracted the original electronic from a DJI FPV battery,

- removed the existing cells

- soldered plug for balance and power


A more elaborate version could be to Reverse Eng. the CAN communication and to save some precious weight by removing the extra PCB of the DJI FPV battery for the charging/balancing. Then we could have more room for the battery.


DISCLAIMER : This modification will certainly force you to charge the 6S battery with your regular battery Charger and balance the Cell (not the one provided by DJI). (this need to double checked) 


Youtube video from : Reversing Entropy

Youtube video from : BigBallVlogs

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