3d-printed solder stencil printer box

Get perfect solder stenciling every time with a few springs and some 3d-printing

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I been working for quite some time trying to make the process of solder stencil printing as streamlined and as simple as possible. I have made several machines, some even with up to 5 axis and motors. However the solution im the most happy with is what i ended up with after working together with Seon the Unexpected Maker.

We where collaborating on vacuum bed designs for our stencil printers, when i saw the possibility to just have a simple vacuum box, and drop the madchine it self.

By adding some simple battery springs from JLCPCB (2usd for 6 of them), i made a simple mechanism that lifts the solder stencil when the box looses it vacuum. Which so far ends up with precise soldering each time.

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