Robotic Cat Girl

Advanced Humanoid Robot in the form of a cute cat girl.

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Recently, I have been building humanoid robots as a personal project.
In the Pictures, you can see Model # 6 - Lily Micro

It can move like a human and is designed for crawling locomotion only.
It has an onboard brain and sensory system.

What do you guys think?
Where should I take this project?

I would like to introduce one of my most recent models of humanoid robots that I have created. 

Name: Lily Micro

prototype number: 6

Weight: 5kg

Height: 100cm

Functions: Human Movement, Talking, Listening, Vision, 

Arms: 1kg payload with same movement range as human arms 

Legs: Same movement range as humans, but designed only for crawling

Head: Sound, vision, and compute systems with AI accelerator chip

Soft Parts: Soft parts made of Platinum Silicone and include the Face, and the Body ( sex functions can be added if needed)

Power: Power is delivered via a power cord for now. Battery pack in Development

AI: Basic Chatbot, Basic Movement, Some simple Vision processing. ( Needs more Work )

This is really a complex device with many different sub systems. 

Let me know what you think of the project: 

- Is it Cool?

- What should The Robot Do ?

- Where should the Project go ?  

JPEG Image - 3.86 MB - 02/12/2022 at 01:25


JPEG Image - 3.60 MB - 02/12/2022 at 01:25


JPEG Image - 4.18 MB - 02/12/2022 at 01:24


  • Update Feb 2022

    kevin_wang02/12/2022 at 01:31 0 comments

    Update on this project. 

    The body is more finalized and the face and systems are updated to be more durable. 

    A space was made for a battery pack that should supply ~ 4h of battery operation, but this has not been implemented yet as a custom charge and shutdown controller must be made. 

    Mainly, the basic form of the software was done with the following functions:

    -  Simple to use control panel that is accessible via a web-app 

    - AIML chatbot with good voice detection, and nice British female voice

    - Different animations

    - Audiobook reader

    - Neural network vision recognition with head tracking 

    I am wondering if people would be interested in making the software an open source project. 

    The software is divided into different sections for motion, vision, sound, ect and it would be easy to collaborate and upgrade one component (such as adding unique motions, or adding a new voice )

    Let me know

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GreyOK wrote 12/27/2021 at 04:48 point

Hey, I just want to say I love your project. I wouldn't worry about the height thing if the doll is proportioned correctly. There are tons of websites and message boards regarding the "adult" side of dolls and robotics that cover it. There are some laws but for the most part they don't apply. It's mostly religious nuts doing their thing (and ignoring the real stuff that needs to be addressed). The height thing would make the robot a lot cheaper to build and easier to get it walking around. A short anime chick shouldn't be an issue for anyone, especially with an adult-proportioned body.

I'm interested in making a similar project. I'm working on a very dumbtech head right now but am adding facial movement with eye tracking as the first part of the project. It's based on a wireframe body with silicone skin (I found a good looking mask). Inside is a commercial robotic "arm" that I didn't create, but I'd like to DIY something similar and better after I get a 3D printer. I'm considering buying something like the Tonybot and just expanding all of the parts/upgrading the motors, but I don't know if it'll retain its ability to walk. I'm definitely looking at the InMoov product for inspiration as well.

So do you have any videos?

I must mention that if you actually got a working doll together and could sell it inexpensively, you'd be cornering the adult market. There's no inexpensive product (sub $20,000) available and most adult dolls are cheap melted rubber that fall apart. You'd make a killing.

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Jeremy wrote 10/14/2021 at 02:36 point

Seems kind of neat, but I think you should focus on basic functions for now. When it can walk around unassisted and communicate at a higher level than a chatbot is the time to start thinking about alternate utility. It would probably also be wise, imho, to stick to making robots that are adult-sized for now, especially if you are serious about the soft parts bit. Smaller robots are probably easier to build, but at 100 cm (or 40 in.) that's basically a -child-.

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kevin_wang wrote 10/14/2021 at 10:18 point

Thanks for the reply. More functions will open up if it can walk well indeed. The size is an issue, and larger robots are more difficult to build, but more accepted. 

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