I would like to introduce one of my most recent models of humanoid robots that I have created. 

Name: Lily Micro

prototype number: 6

Weight: 5kg

Height: 100cm

Functions: Human Movement, Talking, Listening, Vision, 

Arms: 1kg payload with same movement range as human arms 

Legs: Same movement range as humans, but designed only for crawling

Head: Sound, vision, and compute systems with AI accelerator chip

Soft Parts: Soft parts made of Platinum Silicone and include the Face, and the Body ( sex functions can be added if needed)

Power: Power is delivered via a power cord for now. Battery pack in Development

AI: Basic Chatbot, Basic Movement, Some simple Vision processing. ( Needs more Work )

This is really a complex device with many different sub systems. 

Let me know what you think of the project: 

- Is it Cool?

- What should The Robot Do ?

- Where should the Project go ?