Magic picture (with sound!)

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Multiple IR triggered creations with an IR blaster to make the magic happen

SeanSean 10/24/2021 at 15:020 Comments

One of the simpler items in creating is going to be a moving picture. This will just be a fancy frame around a small display I have, connected to a raspberry pi 3B. I will probably make my own video if I have time. I want it to look good with the screen in a portrait orientation, and I want it in black and white or sepia. I'll use vlc to play the video on a loop (using the loop between option to avoid black between loops). 

For the sound part, lirc is set up to read a gpio IR receiver. The .conf file reads the nec protocol and the lircrc file calls irexec to play a sound when the button press is received. This is easy enough to set up.

Everything is mostly done here on the raspberry pi side. When I run it, I just need to start irexec as a daemon, then open the video in vlc, set the loop, mute it, and make it full screen. 

Next steps are making a fancy frame for the screen.