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In this video, we are going to show you making a simple electronics project using transistor and LED light. It is a very simple and cheap electronics project that you can make at home. To decorate your home and office, you can use this circuit.

To make this circuit, we might need some electronics component. Those component list have to been given below.

Component List :

1. Transistor – 2N 2222

2. Capacitor - 100µf/16v

3. Resistor – 10 KΩ and 560 Ω

4. LED – 9 Pieces

5. Copper Wire

6. Power Source – DC 12v


Transistor Pinout – As a like other transistor, this transistor also have 3 legs and this 3 legs have different names. If we count it’s leg from left side, then 1st leg Emitter, 2nd leg Base and 3rd leg Collector.

Circuit Connection –

To make this circuit 1st we connect transistor “Emitter” leg with a copper wire. Then we connect capacitor with the circuit. We connect capacitor negative leg with “Base” and capacitor positive leg with “Collector” leg of other transistor.

We follow the same method for this 3 transistors and 3 capacitors. Now we connect resistor with the circuit. We connect 3 pieces 560 Ω resistor with “Collector” leg of 3 pieces transistor and connect 3 pieces 10 KΩ resistor with “Base” leg of 3 pieces transistor.

Now we connect led light with the circuit. Connect all led negative leg with a copper wire. Now we need to apply a tricks. Using a copper wire we connect with one LED positive leg, the left 2 LED, again connect with another LED light.

Following the above method, we’ll get three cable. Then we connect all led negative leg with “Emitter” leg of transistor. Then we connect three led positive leg with three capacitor positive leg. Now we need to connect power cable with the circuit.

We connect DC-12v  with the circuit. We connect power positive cable with resistor and connect power negative cable with “Emitter” leg of transistor.

Our circuit is now ready for use. Now just plug-in power and enjoy the effect of LED light.