Soldering PCBs

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Make gaming more ergonomic with a custom keypad for the right hand.

aberderbartAberDerBart 11/15/2021 at 23:320 Comments
After quite a while, my PCBs (I got two, so I have 1 spare) arrived, so I did some soldering this evening (it is quite straightforward (if you know how to solder), the instructions are easy to follow.

The only fiddly thing is soldering the mini usb cable (I cut one wire by accident when removing the insulation, fortunately it was the ground wire, so I could just solder it to the ground pin of the Teensy).
This is one thing that always irritates me when using microcontroller dev boards with usb support - why aren't the usb data pins exposed on the PCB? Often there are test points, but a through-hole pin would be so much easier...

If I do a  second iteration on this, maybe I'll adjust the board for the RP2040 soldered directly onto the PCB - this would be much cheaper (after all, a Teensy 2.0 costs about 20€) and more compact.

The case did not match perfectly, the recess for the Teensy is a little bit too small. As the upper half of the case will be connected to the PCB by the key switches sitting in it, I am considering to redesign it to be split in two parts, so I can replace the outer part for cosmetic changes.