First breadboard model !

A project log for Arduino Macro Keyboard

A macro keyboard built using the arduino board.

Xtreme TechXtreme Tech 10/17/2021 at 04:530 Comments

I just finished my first breadboard model for the macro keyboard. I have used the arduino pro micro board, 4 tactile push buttons and 1 joystick. In this model I have coded 4 buttons; one for copy, one for paste, one for save and finally one for taking a screenshot of your full screen. 

The code was simple, all I used was the function to press the required keys, Keyboard.write() function to write certain keys and the Keyboard.releaseAll() function to release all the pressed keys. However, one of the problems I faced was that only my copy button was working and no other button seemed to function. I soon realised that was because I wrote when I was suppose to write because I was using a mac. After I changed that everything worked fine. So, if you want to build this macro keyboard for a mac then your command button would be 'KEY_LEFT_GUI' and if you want to build this for windows then your control button would be 'KEY_LEFT_CTRL'.

Furthermore, I coded the joystick to act as my arrow keys.

My next step would be to transfer all of this onto a perf board and solder them there and I will probably dive deeper into the code in my next log !