Lighted Motorized Geared Pumpkin

Fun 3d printed Geared Pumpkin for Halloween.

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So last year about a week before Halloween, I was looking to 3d print some cool things, for a party at My Local Hackerspace. I did a search on Thingiverse and found . I ordered some orange filament and ran out of time before Halloween. This year in late September, I again did a search and found that that pumpkin was based on openscad based project Openscad happens to me my go to way of modeling things that end up being 3d printed. I looked at that code and feature creap set in. I decided if I am going to do this I want it to be motorized, then I wanted it to have RGB LEDs because everything is better with LEDs. Then I saw E3D is doing a Halloween customization contest. I liked there pumpkin model better then any I had found.

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