A project log for Tired Clock

A clock that is very tired, hands hanging down. Until someone approaches it

michael-mllerMichael Möller 11/14/2021 at 14:490 Comments


The exhibition stared and the clock worked for 5 minutes (or less).

Replaced it with a sign "Exhibit down for repairs" and tried a whole day to make it run reliably. It did so. Hung it up again, and it failed in a totally new way. It now just twitches in an unpredictable way


I've had other things on my plate last week, so it just had to be that way. This weekend I have purchased parts for 3 more clocks. Tweaked the 3D design with more clearance, thicker plates that do not warp and such like. New motors with drivers to match, not soldering a shield. 

It fails the same way, meaning each component test is 100% but the total assembly doesn't work. Either something subtly jams or the "load" on the motors of an arm is too much.

Waiting for inspiration to strike....