​3D Printing Custom Part for Solution #1: ADAS - CAS

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SLAM, ADAS-CAS, Sensor Fusion, Touch-less Attendance, Elderly Assist, Monocular Depth, Gesture & Security Cam with OpenVINO, Math & RPi

Anand UthamanAnand Uthaman 10/24/2021 at 14:390 Comments

For Solution #1: ADAS - Collision Avoidance System (CAS):

For the need of assembly, a LIDAR mount had to be 3D printed so that RPi can be attached to LIDAR and mounted on a car. Part of the mount design is taken from the STL files obtained from here. The design file is attached along with the files so that you can easily rebuild the project. 3D Printing of this custom part is the first step done before doing the physical assembly.

                                                                          STL Visualization: LIDAR Mount for Raspberry Pi

Note that this solution is a sequel to my project "Self Driving Car on Indian Roads" (Blog here)