Soln #3: Attendance Register Generation using MQTT

A project log for Multi-Domain Depth AI Usecases on the Edge

SLAM, ADAS-CAS, Sensor Fusion, Touch-less Attendance, Elderly Assist, Monocular Depth, Gesture & Security Cam with OpenVINO, Math & RPi

Anand UthamanAnand Uthaman 10/25/2021 at 06:270 Comments

The information about identified persons in subsequent frames is published via MQTT, if they are not detected in the last 'n' frames. Another MQTT client subscribed to the 'attendance' topic, will receive this information. On the reception side, the information is collated and inserted into a MySQL database that serves as the attendance register.

See the auto-generated entry register database on the MQTT reception side.

                                                                                Database view of Door Entry register

We can extend the system by pushing the data to the cloud or by building a front end to track or analyze the above data.