Soln #6A: Deep Learning + Shape Context for License Plate Recognition

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SLAM, ADAS-CAS, Sensor Fusion, Touch-less Attendance, Elderly Assist, Monocular Depth, Gesture & Security Cam with OpenVINO, Math & RPi

Anand UthamanAnand Uthaman 10/25/2021 at 07:540 Comments

We can use a combination of Deep Learning and Shape Context to detect and identify license plates. DL to detect the vehicle and corners of the license plate and Shape Context to recognize the alpha numerals in the license plate. See the OpenVINO model is able to detect the vehicle and license plate as shown below.

                                                                                 Vehicle and License Plate detection

See the output of shape context detection on different Indian license plates:

                                                               Shape Context Detection results on Indian license plates