Addendum of Solution #2: Applications of SLAM

A project log for Multi-Domain Depth AI Usecases on the Edge

SLAM, ADAS-CAS, Sensor Fusion, Touch-less Attendance, Elderly Assist, Monocular Depth, Gesture & Security Cam with OpenVINO, Math & RPi

Anand UthamanAnand Uthaman 10/25/2021 at 16:190 Comments

1) From the 2D LIDAR point cloud, use algorithms like Hough Transform to find the best fit line to generate floor maps.

2) From the 3D LIDAR point cloud, construct a 3D map of surroundings using Structure from Motion techniques,

3) We can use the idea of SLAM indoor navigation to deploy an autonomous mobile robot inside closed environments like airports, warehouses, or industrial plants.

4) SLAM navigation can be combined with Solution #5 (Navigation Assist for Blind & Elderly) and Solution #4 (Gesture Cam) to create a full-fledged Elderly Assistance Gadget that can not only help navigate but also understand the surrounding objects and even gestures made by the elderly. If deployed on an SoC with onboard IMU such as Pico4ML then the gadget can identify its own motion as a gesture.