This time I will show you how to build a nice-looking ring clock. The clock uses a WS2812 ring containing 60 Leds,(4 Quarter circle neopixels x 15 Leds) and it is ideal for this purpose. This is an analog-style digital clock with multiple display states, a 24-hour alarm, a count down alarm, multiple alarm display states, and a demo mode. Hours, minutes, and seconds are represented by a different color of the corresponding LED.

   The ring holder is made with a 3D printer and you can download the .stl file below. The physical housing for the desktop clock is based on the dimensions of the neopixel ring. The clock would need to be powered by a Power supply of 5V/3A or more. The code is taken from the Open Source project "Rise and Shine LED Clock". I made only a small hardware modification to change the light intensity of the LEDs.

   The device is very simple to make and contains only a few components:
      - 60 Leds WS2812 ring, made of Four Quarter circle neopixels with 15 Leds
     - Arduino nano microcontroller
     - Rotary encoder with push button
     - Two 3A rectifier diodes
     - and one switch

  After switching on, (with 3 short presses) we enter to clock face changing mode. Moving the rotary encoder left and right changes the faces of the clock:  There are 6 different faces.
     -  Standard clock with 3 dots red for hours, green minutes , blue for seconds
     -  Breathing effect
     -  with 12 white leds on every hour
     -  with pendulum 
     -  Graduallu seconds changing
     - 60 minutes Timer

  To set the correct time, hold down the button for more than two seconds. The flashing light indicates the setting mode in hours, minutes, and seconds. Next pressing the button we enter the display of the alarm. Now with a long press of the button we enter the Alarm set mode. The next press is followed by countdown mode. In this mode, the selected time is counted, which can range from 1 to 60 minutes.
   And finally comes the Demo mode. In demo mode, the clock faces change one by one  at a certain time.