first jump log today

A project log for jumplogger 2022

yet another skydiving altimeter/logger using machine learning to identify exit

ajankyajanky 10/23/2021 at 19:270 Comments

(Oct, 23. 2021) - unfortunately end of season in most of Europe. more work on the software and waiting for next year!

On the display of the device ist shown the current altitude (meters), rounded to 10m increments (logged is full precision).

The coordinates of the DZ (or landing point) are stored with a push button before the jump.

The display shows the distance and relative bearing to this point. So for jumps in unknown areas or sudden clouds your way back to the drop zone is shown with direction to go and distance. 

currently, the unit logs a trackpoint every second, containing LAT, LON, ALT (baro), ALT (GPS) and speed in GPX format. The ALT sensor measures every 125ms (8 per second). For analysis of exit point its probably better to store all 8 altitude measurements per second. this will be done outside the GPX format, since its XML and very verbose. files get easily several MBytes. I believe a line of cdv values ist sufficient, since this data is necessary only for the ML training phase.