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Bhavesh KakwaniBhavesh Kakwani 10/25/2021 at 22:140 Comments

I reached out to people in sleep communities on facebook and reddit, and asked a couple of open-ended questions: What technologies/methods do you use to help you sleep at night? What do you wish was better?

The responses were varied and amazing! I'm copying them below for your viewing pleasure, followed by my analysis at the bottom:

Very interesting responses! Let's break them down into some categories.

Problems people deal with:

  1. Anxiety and/or inability to calm the mind.
  2. Inability to stick to regular sleep schedule.
  3. Bedroom not dark enough.
  4. The draw of social media scrolling at night.
  5. Jetlag.

Solutions & hacks people employ:

  1. Audio:

2. Light:

3. Smell:

4. Activity:

I think there is definitely a market here. In any case, I could certainly personally use a solution that helps keep me keep a strong sleep schedule and feel refreshed everyday, given my busy life!

Another interesting thing I noticed is that almost all the respondents were middle-aged women! Perhaps this is a sampling bias because most of them were from facebook, but I'll keep a lookout to see if this pattern continues in my future research.