Tried the v1 prototype on myself overnight

A project log for Morpheus - Smart sleep mask

I'm too excited to sleep at night and too groggy to wake up in the early morning. Morpheus will wake/sleep you with specific lights & sounds

bhavesh-kakwaniBhavesh Kakwani 10/25/2021 at 22:170 Comments

Sliced open a generic (but quite nice!) sleep mask I got on Amazon and put the microcontrollers and batteries in. I wore it through the night! I should've created a little boundary between the 2 microcontrollers because the whole time I was afraid they would touch each other and cause a short circuit somehow. Anyway, it worked out just fine and my "simulated sunshine" morning light-alarm was amazing.

As for the movement data, it was honestly not great and I need to iterate on the movement detection algorithm more to improve it.