First version of the solarSens MCU PCB

A project log for SolarSens - 3D printable solar weatherstation

A 3D printable modular wifi weatherstation.

FabFab 10/26/2021 at 18:270 Comments

In my last project log I posted some initial information about the sensorPhalanx PCB. I want to use this PCB with numerous light sensors as one of the environment sensors for my solar powered weather station solarSens.

Of course, I also need a suitable MCU to evaluate and distribute the measured data. This (ESP32) is placed on the solarSens PCB shown. 

In addition to the MCU, there are numerous other components installed on it. These include a GSM or LoRa radio module, a solar MPPT charger, a possibility to use the connected solar cell as a pyranometer, a stepper motor driver for the correct alignment of the solar cell and many other features. 

You can get a first rough overview on the pictures shown. :)