Finished CAD work (mostly)

A project log for SolarSens - 3D printable solar weatherstation

A 3D printable modular wifi weatherstation.

FabFab 10/26/2021 at 19:050 Comments

At the moment I'm still working on the final parts of the design. You can see the current status in the pictures.

What is still missing are the modular sensor housings, which are screwed onto the front panel below the solar cell.

Compared to the first version, I have positioned it under the solar cell. The idea behind it was that the sensor housing would not be able to cast shadows on the solar cell and that in the event of a leak, the moisture could not penetrate the upper edge but only very far down into the housing.

On the rendered views you can already see the stepper motor in the base with which the housing should always align itself towards the sun. A suitable stand on which the weather station can be rotated is missing here. :)