CleanerPLUS stops the head motor in response to the dust sensor.The suction effect can be enhanced by stopping on the spot.

   Most of the recent vacuum cleaners(in Japna) are motor head type vacuum cleaners that assist cleaning. It runs on its own with a light force that just touches the handle of the vacuum cleaner. In addition, vacuum cleaners with a dust sensor that light up and notify the sucked dust are also on sale.

   Generally, it is recommended to move the vacuum cleaner at a low speed of 50 cm or less per second.  If you move it at high speed, even if there is dust there, it cannot be sucked effectively.

   Therefore, CleanerPLUS can stop on the spot and suck more dust by stopping the self-propelled motor of the suction head in response to the dust sensor mounted on the vacuum cleaner. CleanerPLUS can be installed as an attachment without modifying the existing vacuum cleaner.

   Generally, in a vacuum cleaner in which a motor head operates, the motor is controlled by two conductors. The motor head is controlled by sandwiching a relay (M5 STACK Mini Relay Unit) between one of the conductors.

   CleanerPLUS consists of a sensor unit (M5 STACK + ColorSensor Unit) that detects the light emission of the dust sensor and a relay unit (M5 STACK + Mini Relay Unit) that controls the motor head. When the color sensor unit measures the light emission of the dust sensor, It uses Bluetooth communication to control the relay unit and stop the motor head.

   It is also possible to control the motor head by installing Cleaner PLUS with a built-in distance sensor even for a motor head type vacuum cleaner that does not have a dust sensor. The built-in distance sensor (M5 TOF Sensor Unit) detects the sucked dust and functions as a dust sensor.

   Cleaning can also be a game. For each dust sensor response. You can collect one monster. By setting goals, children can expect to have fun cleaning while looking for places that are likely to be dirty.

   In this way, by adding a little idea to the conventional vacuum cleaner, we propose Cleaner Plus that makes daily life a little more comfortable.

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