Figuring Out What the Hell to Do

A project log for The Levels of Hell: Dante's Inferno 2.0

Like the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter, you are judged and assigned to your own Level of Hell!

scubabearscubabear 10/28/2021 at 08:340 Comments

I was inspired by those "love tester" games that were popular in the 1930s-60s in arcades everywhere.

I wanted to do something along these lines but I only had a few weeks' time and my wood-working skills were no where close to being able to make a Victorian-style cabinet.  I kept looking at other love-tester designs (there are many!) and I happened across a more modern-looking one:

Even though a Victorian-style cabinet would better fit the overall aesthetic of The Magic Castle, I liked a lot of features of this one, specifically its bold use of color, the thermometer-like "readout", and the little illustrations.  This part of the love tester reminded me of the panel that has the readouts on a pinball game... a plan was forming, one that I thought I could actually make in time for the opening of Halloween Week at the Castle..  Why not update the "love tester" idea to something really modern, like a video arcade cabinet?  I knew I could buy precut kits from various online companies, and if I farmed out the artwork too then I could focus on the electronics and figure out how to fabricate it... Time to contact my friend Jeremy Owen, a comic book artist in the bear community, and see if he was up to take on a commission to do some illustrations and design these graphics.