A project log for IOF - Internet of farts

A GPS and Wifi enabled car farting logging device. To the infinite stupidity and beyond! Keep reading...

MichelMichel 11/14/2016 at 03:520 Comments

Q: Why a PIC18F25K22 instead of XYZ?
A: Yes, it can be all done on the ESP but I’m used to PICs and I have all the fun to design my own boards!

Q: Why PicBASIC?
A: I’ve learned C with TurboC 20 years ago. It’s been now 20 years I’m programming VBA and VB.NET. I’m just too lazy to go back, don’t have enough time to learn other languages and PicBASIC student version is free so…

Q: Why don't you treat your "farting disease"?
A: Farts are a normal "by-product" of the digestive system. Taking pills to "cancel" this "by-product" is not. I'm doing it when I'm alone. Who cares?

Q: There's an app for that! What's the point of building this?
A: It's about making things!