MART- electronics Season 20-21 PCB's

Design and implementation of PCB's, for the CV vehicle on MART-FS team in season 2020-21

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MART Electronics Systems Sponsored by JLCPCB

The Pi-MART it’s a base-on RPI telemetry system, suited for a formula-style vehicle (FStudent). The principal function of the device is to read, process and store data from different sensors, placed on the PCB or in the vehicle.
It’s a sub-system of the PI-MART telemetry system, powered by an arduino-Nano v3.0, placed on the steering wheel of the vehicle. The main function of the device is to manage and convert the state of the inputs . The data it’s converted to an ID and a digital number . Once the data is readed and processed it’s sent on demand to the RPI on i2c or UART busses .
(Brake system plausibility device) it’s a security system designed under the specification of the F-Student rules for the season 2020-21.

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