Hi everyone! I am really happy that you liked my first post. So I would like to share my new developments with you.

After the successful completion of my first campaign on Kickstarter, I was very inspired by the positive feedback from the backers and immediately started to refine the technology. First and foremost, I wanted to improve the light diffusion effect on the acrylic parts. After several weeks of experimentation, I achieved better scattering and a more uniform glow of the acrylic.

People have always dreamed of flying. At various periods, mankind has used the technology available at the time. One of the most elegant ways to conquer the sky is a hot air balloon. Even though it is one of the very first flying vehicles, I never cease to admire the beauty and simplicity of design. So I dedicate the next lamp - a hot air balloon - to this first step to the sky.

Hot air balloons always gave me a feeling of airiness despite their enormous volume.  Hot air and fabric: it's simple and effective.

When I started designing this LED desk lamp, I wanted to achieve some realism. That's why the proportions were chosen close to a real balloon. I also tried to reproduce the texture of a real passenger basket using the pattern on the copper polygon.

There is another interesting thing about the basket. All the hardware is on the bottom of the basket and I had to send the signal to four different chains of LEDs. In the end, I came up with a system where the pads acted as both conductors and fixing components to attach one part to another.

The body of the balloon is made of 11 layers of acrylic and two pieces of acrylic that mimic the flames from the fuel burners. After assembling the first prototype I was happy, but I did not have a feeling of completeness. After demonstrating the balloon to my friends I got feedback and started redesigning the shape of the acrylic layers. And that was exactly what I had to do.

I devoted a lot of time to designing the stand. Frankly, this probably was the most difficult task, because not all versions of the stand I've made looked harmonious.

In this model, I divided the balloon into segments by four boards. LEDs on each board can be controlled individually. This allowed for a variety of operating modes.

The lamp is controlled by an IR remote, which makes it easy to adjust the colors and modes.

All the connections are made through the contact pads on the boards to get rid of the extra wires. But in the end, there is always one wire - the power cord. 

Here are some more GIFs.