• Ready to go airborn module (redesign v 2.0)

    Pavel3 days ago 0 comments

    due the fact Airborn module will be used in cubesat it has to be in pc104 format.

    I had to redesign the PCB. Also, I have simplified the architecture - following one of the most important aerospace rules KISS (keep it simple and stupid). 

    Btw, Airborn module works very well! the UBLOX module was pretty challenging and it took me nice amount of time to program it and debug it. 

    In RF design is it very crusual to consider following aspects:

    - location

    - noise 

    - microstrip calculation

    - soldering quality

    - ESD protection 

  • Biggest part is soldered, biggest part is tested

    Pavel12/06/2021 at 16:17 0 comments

    That was pretty interesting and challenging to solder and test all the hardware. At the moment so far everything works flawlessly.

    I have a main STM32 microcontroller that controls the boards logic.

    I have a temperature sensor that will provide the thermal condition in air

    I have Flash memory that records everithing I want :)

    And I have LoRa module that sends all that information in protocol array which I didn't made yet =) but module works just fine.

    Also those transistor-swiches are working just fine, with these "little guys" I can manage not to send something to GPS by mistake .

    For now I have left the Ublox GNSS module, which i think going to be the most challenging. However, let's see! Rock'n'roll!

  • PCB have arrived

    Pavel11/29/2021 at 17:27 0 comments

    Now it is time to solder all SMD components on the PCB. It is gonna be superfun with the cool brand new TS100 solder iron :P

  • PCB Layout

    Pavel11/22/2021 at 18:47 0 comments

    here is the board it is 2 layers 108x75mm PCB ready to be ordered

  • UART swich

    Pavel11/22/2021 at 18:42 0 comments

    Due the fact that STM32 has only one UART line, here is the way to use microcontroller with 2 UART devices: DEBUGGER and UBLOX

  • Overall schematic

    Pavel11/22/2021 at 18:36 0 comments

    This is the overall schematics view without power input.  Here is a GNSS module UBLOX MAX8M that sends location to the µC stm32 the input bytes are stored then in the W25Q flash storage with the temperature bytes getted from the LM75 sensor. After it send via LoRa to the ground station.

  • Power supply input

    Pavel11/21/2021 at 05:35 0 comments

    Here is the input power part. It consist of 2 parts, the USB mini for easy use and pico blade connector. In the flight power supply will be provided from the molex 1x4 connector through the LD1117* LDO that will convert voltage into 3.3V.