Ready to go airborn module (redesign v 2.0)

A project log for Airborne radioboard

It is a hobby project main goal of which is to build a PCB board that can receive the GPS signal and send its location to the Ground Station

PavelPavel 01/19/2022 at 10:530 Comments

due the fact Airborn module will be used in cubesat it has to be in pc104 format.

I had to redesign the PCB. Also, I have simplified the architecture - following one of the most important aerospace rules KISS (keep it simple and stupid). 

Btw, Airborn module works very well! the UBLOX module was pretty challenging and it took me nice amount of time to program it and debug it. 

In RF design is it very crusual to consider following aspects:

- location

- noise 

- microstrip calculation

- soldering quality

- ESD protection