How And Why Does KGE Work?

A project log for KGE (Kinda Good Encryption)

My Attempt At Creating Post Quantum Cryptography

TKTSTKTS 11/04/2021 at 19:090 Comments


  1. Generate 2 IVs and 2 Passwords
  2. Generate Math Modules w Quadratic Function (v1.2)
  3. Get User String 
  4. Split User String
  5. Byte Substitution
  6. Obfuscate
  7. Split Results
  8. Switch Pair Placements
  9. Obfuscate
  10. Repeat 7-9 20 times
  11. Turn Results From All Rounds Into List Of ASCII IDs VIA Password/IV Based Polynomial Equation (v1.2)
  12. Put All Points Into Trios (X,Y,Z) And Order Using Artificial Sequencing Order (1, 2, 3 is now 11, 24, 50) (v1.2)
  13. Use Hyperboloids Generated Using Both IVs As Compression References (v1.2)
  14. Add Dummy Points Using IVs (v1.2)

For reference, v1.2 is when most of this really is done! V 1.0 and 1.1 are viability tests!


  1. Generate Math Module
  2. Remove Dummy Points Using IVs In Equation
  3. Input IVs To Hyperboloid Equation And Calculate Original Points
  4. Get Artificial Sequencing Order And Organize Points
  5. Turn IVs and Passwords to Polynomial Equation To ASCII IDs and Turn Variables To Characters
  6. Use IVs And Password to Unobfuscate
  7. Switch Pair Placement
  8. Concat Pairs To Single String
  9. Repeat 6-8 20 times
  10. Use IVs and Passwords to Unobfuscate
  11. Generate Byte Substitution Chart VIA Password+IVs
  12. Get String From 10 and Decrypt

Equations Used

 To be listed later

There are many things that KGE does which makes it hard for even quantum computers to decrypt the password without the proper information. Computers are able to decrypt data because what they commonly do is run over every possible combination. Quantum computers can go over more combinations at an extremely fast pace compared to standard computers. However, KGE creates so many variables (IV, IVII, Password, Password II, Math Module, Dummy Points, Etc.) the amount of possibilities possible not only make it super hard for a computer to churn out all of the pieces to make sense together but there are multiple possibilities with one possibility, making the Quantum computer less capable of telling if a certain password out of a range is correct.

Biggest Problem: