2D-LoRa Pager

2 compact LoRa Pagers with 4" TFT sending drawings back and forth

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Once i had this idea of a pager on witch you only can draw and send pictures back an forth.
I think its quite easy to make. The coding might be tricky here and there.

Now work is in progress (finally)!

My goal:
Two devices can send via LoRa drawings back and forth while editing it. A taktile switch dose send a partial picture. Double clicking that switch will delete the picture on both sides. On the transmitter side the drawing is appearing in black and the received drawing shows up in red. A Bluetooth-mode could enable a real-time drawing mode for two users.

-testing 4" tft with touch
while testing the input i saw drawing only pixel is not enough. the esp32 is fast doing this, but now i draw vectors from point to point on the tft. To draw a line while the touch pen only touches the tft(sensor-field) the contact has to be registered to.

-testing LoRa with duplex communication:
it seems with the spreading factor i can send 150 bytes max. ..its something for the start. I would love to send 1 or 2 k bytes to send a complex drawn picture. I'll have to look into the LoRa settings, if that possible and what consequences it has on the distance.

-getting 4" touch input (x/y coordinates) to 2d array and prepare so send via Lora package(s):
I might fill a large 2d-array of coordinates and send it in smaller packages.

-building 2 devices with 4" touch-screen, battery, LoRa-Module may also with an extra Bluetooth (pre-paired HC-04 module). I printed out a nice case already. Now its time to stuff it all in there. Also i have to find out if the Lora module and the TFT likes each other or not - i might change a few pin assignments of one of those modules. Having seen quite small bandwidth of the LoRa test (and i was not surprised) i was thinking about a real-time" Bluetooth communication. With that a picture could be send instantly while drawing. .. would be cool, but the devices would need a menu to change in that mode. I would use HC-04 modules on serial 2, which would get paired on another set-up.

  • TFT & touch works. LoRa works. But both together don't

    j10/13/2022 at 09:35 0 comments

    TFT & touch works. LoRa works. But both together dose not work properly.

    After checking both modules, i thought its easy to combine them together. But there are some problems with the SPI drivers. I was looking into the dual SPI bus mode of the esp32, but i got stuck.

    Now i almost got it work with Bluetooth and I'll post a new project with that soon. A 10 range km would be really nice, now i got 10 m - better than none !

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kwapiszon wrote 11/02/2021 at 11:13 point

please add module for routers

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j wrote 11/02/2021 at 11:16 point

Its all in  preparation. More infos coming soon.

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