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A project log for Additive Generator

it generates something by putting stuff together, ergo synthesis

KalKal 01/27/2022 at 20:070 Comments

Progressing barely at all. The switchblock is glued and wired and it's beaut'. I started soldering the bits&bobs and regretted not doing more prefiguring. Still, i can run my thumb over these tight little posts...

As lovely as it is to make progress, it's only later i recall having firmly decided to put the r-string on a separate bit of board. I even know which one. Now everything's just slightly too close to be perfect. One doesn't go backwards unless something's f'ed ((and nothing is f'ed here, dude)) but it's demoralizing.

Could/might/should'a socketted it, too. To the shelf with ye. Someone say one project at a time? The door's over there.

"Genius" in the front page of this project was a gag but then i looked at the header image and just loved it. I'm making a device by hand that makes a waveform with certain parameters i've selected by hand that you'll tune by making decisions by hand.

In more detail, each column of the switchblock selects a channel on the 2nd mux to connect to a DAC out. The 1st mux cycles through each of the columns being hot because a timer tells a counter to tell it to. There'll be a pot for "sample" rate (the whole set of 16x4 bits/switches being the "sample") and, BONUS, additional switches to mess with the operation in (pre-imagined) ways (that i just sat and thought up--it's a bend of a circuit that doesn't exist yet). Further mods leap to the imagination.

Somebody say it's going to be ...noisy? It'll be a noise between a hiss and a buzz. The door's still closing, don't let it hit you.