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A project log for Glorgana's Flail

A colorful, quirky mock-weapon made from gametrash (proper name of weapon t.b.d.)

KalKal 11/05/2021 at 20:541 Comment

The chain was the first thing i made, to see if it would work. I'm amazed how well it does; It's super flexible and doesn't feel too fragile. Of course it won't stand up to too much wear, this isn't going to be any kind of implement. But it'll look the part without falling apart immediately. Still, this should come with a lifetime service plan. She knows where i live.

The squares that make up each link came from big grids out of (i think) Eclipse: Second Dawn. I cut half the squares at one point on one edge and the others i glued together 3-ply with white glue. Then i connected the laminated squares with three layers of the cut squares, rotated to keep the cuts from doubling-up.

For the faces of the head i tessellated equilateral triangles across two big pieces of card (from a soda cracker box and another for pancake mix). Then i spray-glued big pieces of gametrash (more Eclipse and, i think, Protoplanets) and fixed them to those, then cut along the lines mostly with a guillotine. There was a lot of fiddly fixing to do and not all the triangles came out usable. Thunking through the discontinuities in the cardboard shook the place enough my housemate was worried.

I came out with 38 of them so i need(?) to make two more to have twice as many as i need, because of course it's gotta be an icosahedron. I wanna would have already been started connecting these together in chunks, by taping along the back of a pair of edges and then fixing them with hot glue. But my goldylocks glue gun just gave up the ghost (or was subject to tampering by the surge suppressor, which has also been decommissioned). I've still got the tiny baby one and the 40W monster and, really, either would work but maybe i'll wait on another in the mail...

The handle (L. above) was the long bit of three plastic hangers glued together-and-straight that i've started layering long strips of gametrash onto. I'm not sure how thick to go, what adhesion technique to use (E6000's been working a treat but it'll get too messy as layers accrue) or if maybe i'll just start over but so far so good.

But no shut up wait look at this:


Isn't that perfect? Maybe you don't see what it's gonna be, probably i'm overreaching. But i was goofin' on these little bits that come out the FF X-Wing game and that happened. If the joke lands it's gonna be ~perfect~.


glorgana wrote 11/09/2021 at 05:50 point

The chain was always kinda the set piece, that's amazing that is actually has some strength. Dang dang dang

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