3. Steps 7 through, i dunno, about 13

A project log for Glorgana's Flail

A colorful, quirky mock-weapon made from gametrash (proper name of weapon t.b.d.)

KalKal 12/14/2021 at 01:410 Comments

Rough color swatch:

It's not going to look as layered as i want but i think it'll look nice.

I'm 95% (p=0.85) done with the handle. It's gloriously firm and solid. I included wire in the bit that'll hold the 1st chain link which is absurd but, eh, it doesn't hurt at least.

And assembly is underway with the head. Getting the geometry right had me fearful and not for no reason but i'm making progress without having to undo too much work. As well, research is promising on the "tinkle engine."

(Why yes, those are HDD rings. And yes, they are ~lovely.~)

Further ammunition for "Measure twice, cut once" is a bad byword: Some cuts and measurements put error into your results, some take it out and the important part is figuring which checks will best keep you from wrecking yourself. To wit, if you're measuring a bunch of points by compass maybe measure the resulting line by straightedge before moving on, even if you don't need to. That wouldn't've been Greek to anyone with sense for millennia.