LibreServo v2.1 changes

A project log for LibreServo

LibreServo is a project with the goal of easily converting any standard size servo into the smartest servo possible.

luisLuis 01/20/2023 at 10:150 Comments

In the previous article on how to tune a PID, you can see how LibreServo is already fully operational. All the collected data you see in the graphs are data returned by LibreServo and the movements in the video are also real LibreServo movements. With this I want to say that LibreServo is already very close to a final and mature version of the project, at least in the hardware part, since in the software part there is always room for adding features and improving those already present.

With all the above said, I have made a new version of the hardware improving the little things that I have been seeing in the last months. Although at first glance it is not noticeable, changes and tweaks have been made throughout the board:

Not content with that, and even though I have already ordered the new boards, I already have three other small changes that I will make soon to round the LibreServo design and make it the final design (I hope):

Finally, in the software part, the FP function has been added to find out the direction of rotation of the servomotor. The LibreServo Commands article has been updated.