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Crypto-news and cryptocurrencies configurable eInk panel without compiling or install nothing! Only your browser and an USB cable.

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This cryptocurrency panel shows day and week prices and news that you are able to configure. It could be installed with a easy web installer without compiling or installing anything in your PC. You only need the eINK device and your browser (Chrome or Edge) for install and configured it. Please follow the instructions section below.



  • Panel installation and configuration via an easy Web installer
  • Configuration via command line (CLI) with the console of the web installer
  • Support hundreds of coins from Coingecko API
  • Random cryptocurrencies news from Cointelegrah and others news portals
  • The coin news are follow via QR code
  • Base currency USD/EUR configurable
  • Firmware update via automatic OTA updates
  • Deep sleep configurable (default: 10min).
  • Panel temperature ambient configurable (for improve colors)
  • Included optional basic 3D-Print frame

Firmware install

You able to install this firmware on only one click, without compiling nothing only using this Web installer

Full instructions here



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    Buy the eInk panel

    For now only the LilyGO T5-4.7 E-Paper Ink screen is supported.

    Some stores that sell it:

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    Please enter with your browser, Chrome or Edge, to this web installer and press on the INSTALL STABLE VERSION button and follow the instructions for install the firmware. When the installation is finished enter to "LOGS AND CONSOLE" section in the web installer window, and configure your device.


    If this button isn't showed make sure you have the right drivers installed. The drivers for common chips used in ESP devices:

    • CP2102 drivers: Windows & Mac
    • CH342, CH343, CH9102 drivers: WindowsMac (download via blue button with 


    • CH340, CH341 drivers: WindowsMac (download via blue button with 


    • In Linux you don't need anything, it will be works with doing nothing.

    Alternative, you can upload the firmware via PlatformIO with a simple command from the project sources. More details here

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    In the console, please type the enter key and then show the detailed help, typing help+enter key. For configure your crypto panel you need at least the WiFi credentials and three coins. For that type the next instructions for example:

    setSSID "MySSIDorWiFiNetworkName"
    setPASW "Your password into quotes"
    curAdd bitcoin
    curAdd ethereum
    curAdd cardano

     After that, your panel will download the cryptocurrencies data and news data, and show these data, then it go to suspend to save the battery life.

    For reconfigure the panel, you only need press the right button. The panel will be in setup mode again for configure other parameters or modify the current ones.

    Example of help command and other commands:

    ESP32WifiCLI Usage:
    setSSID "YOUR SSID"    set the SSID into quotes
    setPASW "YOUR PASW"    set the password into quotes
    connect                save and connect to the network
    list                   list all saved networks
    select <number>        select the default AP (default: last saved)
    mode <single/multi>    connection mode. Multi AP is a little slow
    scan                   scan for available networks
    status                 print the current WiFi status
    disconnect             disconnect from the network
    delete "SSID"          remove saved network
    help                   print this help
    Crypto Panel Commands:
    curAdd <crypto>       add one cryptocurrency
    curList               list saved cryptocurrencies
    curDrop <crypto>      delete one cryptocurrency
    setBase <base>        set base currency (USD/EUR)
    setSleep <time>       config deep sleep time in minutes
    setTemp <temperature> config the panel ambient temperature
    reboot                perform a soft ESP32 reboot
    help                  display this help menu
    st> setTemp 22
    st> setTemp
    please enter a temperature value between 10 and 50
    current temperature is: 22
    st> curList
    Saved Cryptocurrencies:
    1: [bitcoin]
    2: [ethereum]
    3: [cardano]
    st> setSleep
    invalid sleep time
    current sleep time is: 15
    minimum sleep time is 5 minutes. Recommended is 60 minutes or more

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Joško wrote 12/12/2023 at 20:45 point

Hi, very glad about your effort. More crypto rows on display would be excellent. After OTA update there appears the message "Bad response from Crypto API"

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Hpsaturn wrote 01/02/2024 at 12:15 point

Thanks for your comment. Please add this feature request in the GitHub repository of the project. I want to add more random windows or main screens to this development, maybe also a weather page. Well, step to step.

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[this comment has been deleted]

Hpsaturn wrote 01/26/2022 at 12:51 point

Thanks for your comment. I'm working in a better version, with zero-config, without compiling anything, only connect your USB cable, install via web, configure and no more. The current version is for testing but it is working.

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