My Jar of Primes is a knock-off version of the Primer, a kinetic sculpture by Karl Lautman. For a presentation of the original see the Numberphile video.

It is built around a NodeMCU board which in turn contains a ESP8266 12E chip. To that it adds a pushbutton to command the next number and a counter to display it plus some bits and pieces like a voltage regulator and a very nice clicky relay to advance the counter.

The hardware is packaged in a discarded jar which I believe once contained olives. That also inspired the labelling that says "organic primes" in German. Not shown is the very pretty blinkenlights display that just happens to emerge from the fact that there are a number of SMD LEDs on the various modules.

There is no special custom hardware in this build. Everything is done by off-the-shelf breakout boards.

The code is written in the Arduino IDE and available on GitHub. In addition to driving the hardware counter it also serves a webpage that can be used to remotely read the value and trigger and advance to the next prime number.

Sorry to disappoint but no, the Jar Of Primes is not on the internet. It is rather noisy and I share space with it. Also I am a firm believer in the pending rise of the robots and refuse to add even single instances to their ranks.

Thanks to Karl Lautman for a great idea and permission to rip off his work.