She Wants A Nice Surprise

A project log for LittleSixteen - Commodore 16 Mainboard

Let's do justice to this mistreated machine, at last!

SukkoPeraSukkoPera 01/18/2022 at 22:410 Comments

It's time to let go of the last of the C16 oddities, i.e. the Mini-DIN-7 Datassette connector. While 1531 Datassettes are not that rare nor that expensive, I found some good reasons for replacing it with the C64-style edge connector:

So here we go:

Ideally, I would have liked to allow both connectors on the same board, but that turned out to be impossible.

Something else that turned out impossible was keeping the internal SD2IEC/Tapuino port that I had just added to the board, as the edge connector takes quite a bit of space on the board and makes routing all the required tracks impossible. This is less of a concern, anyway, now that we can use any non-C16-specialized SD2IEC and Tapuino.