• to sleep perchance to bend, fold, spindle, mutilate

    Kal12/30/2021 at 03:11 0 comments

    "Shelving" project and leaning toward "scrapped" but the piece is going to sit somewhere else a while at least. Something got set on it and it's probably fixable but maybe i'd rather just remake it, if i was going to keep working. C'est la vie.

  • 1. Now joining our hack already in progress

    Kal11/08/2021 at 21:08 0 comments

    If i'd been thinking about posting this project i should've taken pictures earlier in the process. Alas!

    Take some toilet paper tube rolls and cut them along the spiral seam. Or soak them until the glue gives up or just cut some long parallelograms. Whatever. I took some bog roll parallelograms and rounded the obtuse corners and shaped one of the ends a bit. It's hard to describe, but i imagined the transformations that would result from a triangular pyramid from changes to the shapes of the constructing faces. Basically i moved one of the convex corners down a bit and broadened the related obtuse angle. Then i joined them on the longer of the long edges resulting.

    The underside of that is a rectangle that narrows a bit and then narrows further to a point, giving it that kind of pointed-shoe effect.

    And the top segments are... triangles mostly? It's not hard science, i hadda fudge and shave them to get the right shape. The trick is not fixing them in place until they're done because any change you do to one side you've gotta do to the other. I cut another copy of the front planes of the face to glue inside for support. They didn't have to be exact on the corners and edges, just mostly filling front to back.

    Finally i bent a coat hanger into something that clutches the back of my head and comes over under the forehead of the mask. That's fixed in place with hot glue and masking tape at the moment.

    Wobblage is severe, as you'd imagine, and i'm not in love with the angle it takes. It sits kind of away from my face pointing down; I want it to fit all kinds of faces but i also want it to fit over my glasses. More fitting and the building of support structures is necessary. Then, of course, will come surfacing or painting or finishing or whatever. And whatever and whatever.