Universal Biopotential Monitor

4 or 9 channels of ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG, etc. with a common reference. Set gain of each channel with a plug-in resistor.

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1. Multi-channel bio-potential monitoring with a common reference voltage.
For ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG, etc. 9-channel version can do 12-lead ECG.
Set input voltage range and amplification of each channel with a plug-in resistor.
ESP32 for ADC + WiFi.
OPA4322 or equivalent low noise Op Amp for signal amplification.
ADC oversampling and filtering for lower noise.
Battery operation only with no built-in charger--for safety and to avoid power line EMI.

2. Monitor display in a browser
NodeJS & websocket server for real-time data display and sending commands inside a browser.

Rev. A prototype PCB has been made. This version does not have plug-in resistors. Components for 4 channel operation has been soldered on it. The gallery photos are this prototype. . The schematic in the gallery is for Rev B.

Re. C with plug-in resistors currently in development.

  • 11/9/2021

    Jason Yoon11/09/2021 at 22:22 0 comments

    Rev A of bio-potential only PCB has been fabricated and components for 4 channel ECG operation has been soldered. Electrode wires for the common reference (Right Leg Drive) and 2 channels has been soldered onto a header to plug into the prototype. Firmware has been coded in esp-idf dev environment.

    A NodeJS and Websocket based server has been coded. Applied electrodes to myself and verified operation by observing real-time ECG waveforms in a browser.

    Bug fix needed: Firmware stops transmitting data for a few seconds every ~10 seconds.

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