During our time away, we've been busy.

We were being asked left, right and center if we'd be offering the Pebl for sale on our website despite not meeting our goal. Unfortunately, the answer was no as we just couldn't afford to do so :(

However, immediately after our last Kickstarter campaign, we managed to secure funding which enabled us to further develop the Pebl product and supporting infrastructure to a point where it is now firing on all cylinders and waiting to be used by you!

After learning so much from the last campaign, this time around, we're going to try our hardest to provide more information about HOW the Pebl can be used to enable your products to become part of the IoT!

Scroll down, take a look and please get in touch if you have any questions!

So what has been improved or changed?

With the feedback we've received over the last couple of years, we have been able to improve and develop our offering further, and we now believe it is far better than before and overall, a more complete and well rounded solution.

  • Pebl Hardware

The Pebl hardware has been completely redesigned to cater for new features, better reliability and higher performance.

We have redesigned the power management system to allow for a wider range of input voltages whilst consuming lower power and generating less heat. We have also optimised the WiFi antenna location to provide a longer range and better performance. A fully featured UART serial bus was squeezed in for even more flexibility. The RGB led control now has more stability, allowing improved visual performance by fixing a known flickering issue.

  •  Pebl Evaluation Board

An exciting new addition for our pledgers is an easy to use and handy Evaluation Board for the Pebl, so straight out of the box, you can get to grips with the way that it works and what it's capable of!

Find out more information below and take a look at our Virtual Pebl Evaluation Board to get a taster of how it works!

  •  Portal Development 

We have worked extremely hard to build the user front end to the point where it is now useable for everyday management and control of all your devices. This was something that was not readily available before, but is now raring to go!

We're really pleased with it and hope you get an opportunity to use it! We have built in multi tenancy for our commercial users and a full account management system, which is further explained, later on.

  •  API Implementation 

We're most proud of this achievement, being the backbone of device control and usage. The final outcome is awesome! The newly reworked API allows for no fuss usage, with no tiresome hoops to jump through, no manufacturer lockdowns and best of all, it's completely documented! All this whilst of course being fully authenticated.

The Fingoti back end has full multi tenancy support allowing users to not only create multiple organisations for their devices but also for a partner/tenant relationship with customers. More about that later... 

What is a Pebl?

At Fingoti we are striving to provide a simple, out-of-the-box gateway solution to the Internet of Things (IoT). We wanted all the research and development to be done for you and encapsulated it in a smartsecureflexible and reliable package as standard.

And so the Pebl was born.

Pebl can connect with and control electrical equipment, from making sure the kettle is boiled for that first cup of coffee in the morning, to collecting analytics to track production efficiency for your business. The possibilities are endless.

The IoT is a place where everyday physical items are quickly becoming part of the virtual world that is the...

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