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The NE555 IC is an integrated circuit used in a variety of timer, pulse generation, delay and oscillator application. LED flashers are semiconductor integrated circuits used to turn on and off groups of light emitting diodes either sequentially. It can be used either to describe working of the circuit or with LED itself. The LED flasher circuit makes use of this amazing component to turn it flash on or off.

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Supplies - 

  1. PCBs
  2. IC Base
  3. Timer IC – NE555
  4. Capacitor - 100µf/25v
  5. Resistors – 68 KΩ 1 KΩ
  6. LEDs – 5mm (10 Pieces)
  7. Power Source – DC 9v

LED Flasher Design -

The NE555 IC will be used to make a super bright led flasher circuit. There don’t have any potentiometer to adjust the speed of this LED flasher circuit.

Soldering IC Base and Power Supply Socket -

Once the PCB is designed and printed, then you can start soldering the IC base and power supply socket. Be careful, so that there don’t have any short circuit connection. We need to connect 2 and 6 no leg of NE555 IC, then we need to connect 4 and 8 no leg of timer IC NE555. We utilize JLCPCB to printout our PCB.

Connecting Resistor and Capacitor-

After connecting IC base and power socket, we need to connect resistor and capacitor with the circuit. We know that, we use this capacitor - 100µf/25v and this Resistors – 68 KΩ, 1 KΩ to make this circuit. You should not use another parts except this component. We connect this resistor with 6, 7 and 8 no leg of timer IC. We connect 1k resistor with 8 no leg and connect 68 k resistor with 6no leg of timer IC NE555. Then we connect capacitor negative leg with 1no leg of IC and connect capacitor postive leg with 2no leg of IC.

Connecting LED-

We need to remember that all LED should be 5mm and to get perfect effect of this circuit, we need to use different color LED for different side. We use green and blue color LED lights. Then we nned to make a parallel connection with these LED lights. Then connect all LED positive leg with 4no leg of time IC and connect LED negative leg with 3no leg of timer IC.

Soldering And Cleaning-

We put all electronics component with the circuit. To avoid loose connection, now we need to solder all component leg. During soldering, we need to be careful, because there should not be any short circuit connection. After complete soldering, we need to cut off the extension part of all component leg. Connecting IC And Power Supply After complete the above connection, now we connect Timer IC NE555N with the IC base and connect power supply DC-9v with the power supply socket.

Our circuit is now, completely ready for use. Just plug-in power and enjoy the super effect of this circuit.