AAAAAANNNNNDD V2's of all the PCB's

A project log for ComputeDeck-B3

Raspberry Pi Zero W 2 Arm mounted Cyberdeck with a Chorded Keyboard

atltvheadatltvhead 11/19/2021 at 23:370 Comments

Like so many of us. I remade all the PCB's to a v2 because I noticed some mistakes on the originals or wanted to shrink them up a bit more.

Ah well! Always room for improvement right? 

The thumb board can be found here on OSH Park ~

And the Keyboard segments can be found here on OSH Park ~

After giving it some thought, I'll probably add on this GPIO expander. I might only attach the keyboard segments to it though. I'd like to retain my i2c lines for also using the IMU and other sensors that come with the Arduino Connect RP2040, which would be impossible if I used all of it's gpio for buttons.