Fiddler done?

A project log for ComputeDeck-B3

Raspberry Pi Zero W 2 Arm mounted Cyberdeck with a Chorded Keyboard

atltvheadatltvhead 08/21/2022 at 02:050 Comments

The Fiddler is done-ish... maybe. Hopefully. 

I've made a few different versions ultimately making the palm-rest and adjustable part, so you can mod it to your own hand design. It does use about 10 M3 heat inserts to secure all of the components, which is a bit of drawback. If it works, it works, though. 

Right now, this part is modeled for a right hand, but it can be mirrored for left handedness. 

The highlighted blue component is the adjustable part for people needing to change it up for their palm. 

The prints are done, I just need to build it and put the build guide together. 

I have now started to build the bracelet component of the Cyberdeck-B3. This component houses a hyperpixel display and a raspberry pi zero w2. I will try to make this comfortable/adjustable for people other than myself, even though I am using my arm as the base.  

I made the stl model into a solid body by making a several planes and section analysis to draw a spline over that segment. Then I lofted all of the drawings together! Super easy, just tedious. 

Gotta get all of this done and built before the cyberdeck comp is over!