Bartop games

A bartop made of wood and drawed to play old games.
Emulated with a raspberry pi.

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A bartop for old games.

The retro play station are emulted by a raspberry pi.
The games are also added on the SD card
The screen is a old PC screen.
The buttons are connected as a keyboard.
I also put a speaker and a amplifier for the 8 bit music !

The wood case is CNC drilled by an awesome friend, made with compressed wood (he made a really good job, it fit perfectly)
The drawing is made by a super good graphist ! (made with POSCA markers)

Thanks Kevin, and thanks Quentin =)

You can see others pictures on this website :

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karinacooper25 wrote 04/20/2023 at 20:15 point

It sounds like you have created a Bartop arcade cabinet for old games using a Raspberry Pi to emulate the games. You have added the games onto an SD card, and connected buttons as a keyboard.

The cabinet itself is made of compressed wood and was CNC drilled by a friend. The artwork on the cabinet was created by a skilled graphic designer using POSCA markers.

Congratulations on creating such a cool retro gaming setup and giving credit to the people who helped you along the way! If there are any other questions I can assist you with, feel free to ask.

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