Pidock 400: Rubber Bumper Screen Protectors

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Learning to use a Raspberry Pi 400 laptop as an everyday computer and sharing the results.

DustinDustin 11/21/2021 at 22:592 Comments

In the image above, notice the little round thing in the top left corner. It's a little self adhesive rubber foot I got at Home Depot. I have one on each side. I put them on the lid instead of the deck to avoid having them get in the way. I don't even notice them up there, and I can close the lid with confidence now. Without them on the screen lid, the screen touches the keyboard of the Pi 400 and will damage it. There is already some back light bleed on the edge of the screen from such unwanted physical contact. The rubbers keep such unwanted contact at bay, while still allowing for a pleasurable experience. Cheap, simple, easy protection. Highly recommended. 

On a semi related note, The above image was too large to upload to this log, so I used Inkscape on the Pi to compress the image. Well, lower the image size, which reduced the file size. It was 7.8MB and the limit is 5MB. I divided 5 by 7.8 to get about 64, which I rounded down to 60. This gave me 60%. I reduced the image dimensions to 60% of the original size, exported as a png, and uploaded the now 4.5MB file to this very log, on the Pi this log is about. Pretty neat. Inkscape was perfectly responsive, to the point I forgot I was using a Pi to run it.

The Pi 400 daily driver experiment is going quite well so far. I was able to watch Futurama with a nice bluetooth sound bar while eating popcorn before dinner. I call that a success.


Dustin wrote 11/24/2021 at 22:55 point

Excellent! Quite welcome. Glad someone is. I've got plenty more logs coming up. Just put up another one on my latest experience with video editing.

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Andy Piper wrote 11/24/2021 at 00:44 point

Enjoying reading these - thanks!

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