Creating a Custom Pop!_OS Pi 400 Image

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Learning to use a Raspberry Pi 400 laptop as an everyday computer and sharing the results.

DustinDustin 11/23/2021 at 22:330 Comments

After the recent audio failure under the OS, and losing an entire day to sorting it out, I've decided to create my own system image. I'll install and test everything needed for daily use, then clone the system to an image file, write to a drive, and verify it still works. I couldn't imagine a non Linux or non tech savvy person trying to sort this crap out. I'm struggling with it and I've been daily driving Linux for a few years now. When done, I'll have an image that can do video editing and all the stuff I need. I'll get hardware acceleration sorted out as well. I'll find a way to share the images I make in case anyone ever wants them. I'll add the to the "Files" section of the project page and maybe my GitHub page as well. This has been a nightmare. I'm still creating a new recovery drive that I can use to flash drives with on the Pi 400. It's very tedious. 

Anyway, keep an eye out for up to date, verified system images on this page. They'll be Pop!_OS at first and maybe some Raspberry Pi OS images later down the road.