Cooling Update and Random Thoughts

A project log for Raspberry Pi 400 Daily Driver

Learning to use a Raspberry Pi 400 laptop as an everyday computer and sharing the results.

DustinDustin 11/25/2021 at 19:010 Comments

Cooling Update

I've been using the Pi on and off all day and I do think the little cooling fan is helping the LCD driver board. It does seem significantly cooler. I can feel the air coming from the fan when I check now. I'm guessing the little bearings had to warm up and loosen to really get it spinning. I can feel it running when typing, but it's silent. The Pi still runs very hot, but that's to be expected and dealt with later.

Random Thoughts

I really like that my entire laptop is white with no branding at all. It's the least distracting computer I have ever used or seen in my entire life. I love that. It's a tool for creating things, and shouldn't get in the way. I have considered loading it up with fun stickers, but I really like how low key it is. That and no one would have a clue what it is if they just looked at it. A Pi enthusiast might notice it, especially if they saw the Pi button on the keyboard. Being white, it does show dirt easier, but that helps me remember to clean it. I might get the Vilros rubber keyboard cover for the Pi 400 and see how I like that. Sometimes I'm gross AND need to use my computer. Like when cooking. This would be pretty neat for watching videos on while cooking. Except the screen splatter...