SSD Boot Update: Unusable

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Learning to use a Raspberry Pi 400 laptop as an everyday computer and sharing the results.

DustinDustin 12/02/2021 at 04:530 Comments

For whatever reason, the entire system is now so unstable as to be unusable. It will quite regularly freeze for over 10 seconds. The kind of freezing where the mouse cursor doesn't even move. It happens so often that it's not worth using. With my other laptop dying today, I'm in no mood to deal with this tonight. I'm getting very frustrated with the fact that I don't own a single reliable computer that doesn't need to be tinkered with constantly. I love the Pi, but this is getting ridiculous. 

I turned off the overclocking and am just going to let it cool overnight after converting the problematic video file that it just wouldn't play before. It plays now that it's in a more standard format. Too bad the entire OS locks up. 

I suspect it's heat related. Possibly the SSD overheating. Will deal with it later. Really frustrated and tired. Had to listen to a barking dog all day while I was trying to take a nap after working out for the first time in about a year. Just a rough day.